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The original Beverly Hills Psychic Christopher Golden

Draw Someone Near

Moving What is Seen by Using What is Unseen - Power of the Occult

What is the Psychic Occult?

According to prominent Beverly Hills Psychic Christopher Golden, it is the ability to not only see that which is unseen. 

It is also the ability to move the seen, using the unseen.

Moving the elements in the physical world by using elements within the Metaphysical world.

This is world of the Psychic Occult.

What does this mean on a practical level?

It means opening doors.

It means reversing a breakup.

Stopping a divorce.

Summoning wealth and abundance.

Drawing someone near to you or away from someone else. 


The world of the Psychic Occult means no longer having to experience life blocked.

It means having it all.

Ranked in the "Top 100 Psychics"

"I had responded to a free psychic evaluation offer on the web. I got a confirmation back saying a psychic Christopher Golden was going to look at my situation and get back me. After the weekend I got a fairly brief email that nailed the important details of what I was struggling with precisely. I responded and ended up paying for a psychic reading with Chris Golden. During the time we spoke I was simply blown away. I kept trying to write down everything he was saying. I'd never met anyone who was so clear, so exact and accurate and as Mr. Golden. He was able to explain what was wrong with my relationship and what needed to be done about it. That all took about maybe 20 minutes. I decided to take his advice and we worked together on fixing my problem for the next few weeks. The problem got solved pretty much the way he said it would. I honestly did not expect any of this to work off a free psychic question offer on the internet, but in my case it did. So this is my review and I hope it helps whoever is reading it."

Jennifer M.

Fewer things in life are more painful than having a broken heart, or not having your love reciprocated. Matters of the heart can take over all of our thinking, overpower us emotionally and even send us into a tailspin, if it gets bad enough.

What's worse, is that often the people in our lives simply don't know how to help, or they offer advice that points us in the wrong direction, or just doesn't feel right.

This is where an accurate psychic can make all of the difference, especially with the ability to heal. If you are looking for clarity and guidance and need to save your relationship,  read my testimonials. I have clients spanning the globe and have been helping people, using my spiritual gifts, for over 25 years.

Bring Back Tomorrow Today!

Is Someone Mistreating You?

"Well Chris just returned someone to me who said they could never see a future with us together. I knew we were soulmates and Chris said he could make it happen. Well Chis could make it happen for really aparently because he did. I'm back in a relationship with someone who means everything to me. Good going Chris."

Austin B.

"I found Chris in a book about psychics. I spoke to him on the phone then ended up working with him on my marriage for a few weeks. I have to say that Psychic Christopher Golden is all of the good things they say about him. My marriage is the cornerstone of my family, which is the most important thing in my life. Chris helped me repair what was broken and live a happier life today."

Repair a Broken Heart - Stop a Divorce - Reverse a Breakup - Get Your Ex Back

More About Psychic Christopher Golden

Over the years, Chris has been written about in the Wall Street Journal, who called him the "Psychic to the Stars"

An LA news station declared Chris the "Number 1 Psychic in the Los Angeles area".

A review site named him "Number One Psychic in Beverly Hills".

As Chris has many clients in the Entertainment Industry, Playboy Magazine called him the "savior of Hollywood marriages."

Psychic Christopher Golden is listed in the prestigious "Top 100 Psychics".

Take a moment and read the reviews. Psychic Christopher Golden has the qualifications you need, if you are serious about repairing your troubled relationship.

And by the way, Love Spells are not the only game in town. There are methods that are more powerful than any love spell.

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